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Eva Mendes furious with Interview magazine

Eva Mendes does not appreciate people making light of her time in rehab. Just ask a reporter from “Interview” magazine who received her wrath after the writer joked about celebrities and their substance issues.

Don't joke about rehabThe actress from “We Own the Night” was in the midst of an in-depth interview with the journalist. She immediately took exception to his referring to rehab in a joking manner in regards to celebrities and what appears to be a revolving door at facilities.

The writer apparently referred to rehab in the following context: “It should be called Alcoholics Unanimous because of its high profile in Hollywood,” the journalist reportedly said.

Eva immediately fired back.

“I’m not making jokes, because people die from this stuff,” she says. “So, honestly, I think it’s a bit tacky that you made a joke. I’ve got to be honest.”

Then, it got heated as she got personal without divulging details of her stint in a Utah rehab facility.

“There are so many lies out there regarding my recent trip to Cirque Lodge,” Mendes says. “But I don’t care what people think. I just don’t care. So I will neither confirm nor deny.”

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