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Lindsay Lohan gets “Bossy” on her new single

Lindsay Lohan’s new record isn’t in stores until later this year and we’ve got her new single.

Are you ready for a new Lindsay single?

Her record company was kind enough to share the goods with SheKnows. “Bossy” is a ripping dance floor tune that is sure to put the party girl (reformed?) back on the dance floor map.

Since this is an extremely early preview, the track is stamped with the label’s voice-over every few moments, but sit back and enjoy what most will not be able to hear for months!

“Bossy” was co-written by platinum Island/Def Jam singer-songwriter Ne-Yo and track producers Stargate (Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel S. Eriksen).

As she completes work on her third album for the Universal Music Group, Lindsay Lohan is setting the stage for a major pop culture return over the coming months. First off is “Bossy,” the seductive and irresistibly rhythmic new track from the yet-untitled upcoming album, recalling in form and attitude the street-flavored girl-group dance floor classics of the electro era.

Lindsay Lohan is clearly best known as an actress, but the powerhouse also has platinum albums and Top 5 singles under her belt.

Lindsay’s new single

Lindsay Lohan’s “Bossy”

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