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So You Think You Can Dance, Shear Genius and more

The contestants take a short cut on Shear Genius, who has the messiest house in the country, plus “So You Think You Can Dance?” showcases the Top 14.

Cat is ready for some DancingOkay, I confess. I watched “Wipeout” again last night on ABC and found it mildly amusing but let’s keep that a secret between us, shall we? After that it was a never-ending episode of “America’s Got Talent,” or at least it seemed that way. More terrible acts prevailed including strippers who should never do that again and a painting pig who turned diva when asked to leave the stage.

I fell in love with the guy who sings like Sinatra, what a dream he was. But the little kid who sang “Ben?” Yeah, it’s a great story about how he conquered personal setbacks with music. He is precociously adorable but come on, it’s not million dollar talent.

And, I owe you an apologies. I thought last night was the finale of “Hell’s Kitchen” but it was more like a pre-final than a finale, finale. Truth be told, I’m so over that show.

Let’s see what’s on tonight! 

Tonight on TV

FOX should easily take the night when the top 14 perform on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

NBC might pull a few viewers in with “Baby Borrowers” and “Celebrity Circus” followed by a repeat of “Law & Order.”

CBS is low man with “Price is Right,” “Criminal Minds,” and “CSI: NY.”

ABC won’t fare much better with “Wife Swap,” “Supernanny” and a new “Primetime: Crime.”

The CW is non-existent with reruns of “America’s Next Top Model” and “Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious.”

Over on cable

It’s sexy short cuts on “Shear Genius” on Bravo and “Dinner Impossible” on Food Network both at 10:00.

HGTV has new episodes of “Deserving Design” and “Design on a Dime” at 9:00 and TVLand goes with a new “She’s Got the Look.”

Style has a fun one tonight, it’s called “Clean House,” the search for the messiest home in the county.  (Now why would a person volunteer to be on a show like that!)

News and notable

“Tabatha’s Salon Takeover,”  “Kitchen Nightmares” for hair salons premieres on Bravo on August 21 at 10:00.

NBC is looking at a new comedy about cops who can’t turn off the job when they’re “Off Duty.”

Rumor has it that Shannen Doherty is considering returning to the new “90210.”

TLC says yes to more “Say Yes, to the Dress” and adds a dancing twist with “Rock the Reception” where couples learn a ballroom dance number to perform at their reception.

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