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Learning from Antonio Banderas, Adrian Alonso’s got his own spotlight

A fourteen year-old actor who has shared screen time with Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and America Ferrera, Adrian Alonso is a committed student of film.

A young star read to bust outAdrian’s appearance in the current “La Misma Luna” (“Under the Same Moon”) showcases a talent that has grown since audiences were first charmed by his talent in “The Legend of Zorro” in 2005.

Currently enjoying the success of “Under the Same Moon,” Adrian called SheKnows from a set in his country’s capital, Mexico City, to talk about what it is like to grow up in front of the camera. Whether the landscape is a soundstage in Los Angeles or the hills of Mexico, the scope of Alonso’s story is the same, child actors have a unique place in the history of Hollywood. Judging by his theatrical run so far, Alonso is modeling his career after Jodie Foster and Ron Howard.

Winning the Young Artist Award for Best Performance in an International Film for “Luna,” Alonso can already claim award-winner on his resume and he’s barely a teenager.

Over the ‘Moon’ for Adrian

Alonso’s acting talents is on full display in “La Misma Luna,” a charming, utterly delightful film that makes you fall in love with its characters. It is also the film that pulls at your heart and head during this stormy political climate in America in regards to Latino immigration.

'Luna' also stars America Ferrara of

“Under the Same Moon” is the story of a boy who crosses the U.S. border to find his mother in America after his grandmother, who was caring for him, passes away in Mexico. A universal story regardless of borders or flags, “La Misma Luna” personifies the vast meaning behind the film’s title’s translation: We are all “Under the Same Moon.”

“La Misma Luna” transcends boundaries and genres and with its DVD release, audiences in America can now share in the pride of modern Latino cinema.

SheKnows: Obviously you are very young and I normally like to ask this question of actors and your answer ought to be interesting because it’s certainly fresh on your mind. When did you get those first feelings that you wanted to be an actor?

Adrian, you're almost there!

Adrian Alonso: (Laughs) I saw movies on TV when I was young, more young. I knew I wanted to make a movie. I had an uncle who had a theater and I told him that he needs a boy actor he should call me. He made “Beauty and the Beast” and I didn’t stop from there.

Learning from a terrific actor

Learning from the best

SheKnows: You were in the “Zorro” sequel portraying the famed swordsman’s only son, as one of your first acting jobs, for any actor to be opposite Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones must have been amazing, was that a stressful experience for you?

Adrian Alonso: With Catherine, she is very beautiful. (Laughs) I was nervous when I made the movie with Catherine. When I have scenes with her, I was so nervous because she’s really, I don’t know, she’s very impressive. And Antonio, I had more communication with him because he speaks Spanish. So we spoke a lot in Spanish, with Catherine, not too much. But she was, just so impressive.

SheKnows: Now about “Under the Same Moon,” what first attracted you to that movie?

Adrian Alonso: It was the script. I made the movie because Patricia (Riggen) called me and wanted me to do this. Then she give me the script. Then I read the script and I loved it. I practiced with Patricia for two weeks.

Adrian was truly taken with Catherine!SheKnows: Many younger actors pursue acting for quite a lifetime, are you enjoying yourself? Is this something you want to keep doing for a long time?

Adrian Alonso: Yes, I want to director. Not only to act with directing, but to also be a producer.

Stars in his eyes

SheKnows: Who of the actors and actresses and directors out there would you like to do something with someday?

Adrian Alonso: I want to work with Al Pacino and Salma Hayek.

SheKnows: That would be quite a pair…

Adrian Alonso: Yes, it would (laughs).

SheKnows: The film you’re working on now, when can we expect to see it?

Adrian Alonso: I think next year, 2009.

SheKnows: Do you have other projects lined up?

Adrian Alonso: I have two movies more that I know.

The life of a child actor

SheKnows: Is it hard to be your age and keep this work schedule. How do you keep school in place?

Adrian Alonso: I work with the director to see how much school I need to miss. Sometimes its six months, but when I return I have to catch up on all the information to pass all my exams.

SheKnows: Is that hard, all that work, so quickly?

Adrian Alonso: Yes, it’s very hard when I miss school for six months. But sometimes, I only miss one month…not too much. That’s not hard.

SheKnows: You must be very disciplined and committed to what you’re doing. I commend that at such a young age. That is quite a sacrifice.

Adrian Alonso: It’s fun. It’s all fun to me.

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