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The stars of ‘My Boys’ dish on dating

What better place to find dating advice for women than on a television set that is overwhelmingly dominated by men. On TBS’s “My Boys,” Jordana Spiro plays PJ, a woman who spends most of her free time with a group of male friends. With the exception of Andy (Jim Gaffigan), the group is made up of single men in their twenties who are looking for love, often times in ‘all the wrong places.’

So, that led SheKnows to wonder: what do men want?

There’s Brendan (Reid Scott), a real ladies man who can melt a girl’s heart with nothing but a smile. There’s Mike (Jamie Kaler) who claims he’s got it all but runs far and fast when it comes to commitment. Kenny (Michael Bunin) is a bit of a geek, a simple guy who doesn’t have his friend’s luck with the ladies and Bobby (Kyle Howard), every girl’s big brother, an average Joe who’s loyal to a fault.

Our Cynthia Boris snaps a photo of the My Boys gang

I sat down for lunch with this cross-section of American manhood and I asked them for the male perspective on finding the perfect mate. I thought they’d jump at the opportunity but in fact, they all quaked with fear.

What do men want? Let's ask them!

The male ideal

Michael Bunin: Who wants to get in trouble first?

Kyle Howard: It sounds awful, but a low maintenance factor. Nothing’s really that big of a deal even if you think it is. And if a girl [thinks about it], she can curb certain behaviors that can cause fights.

Reid Scott: As men, we’re not that bright and we’re easily manipulated. Just be cool.

Michael Bunin: I’d say ditto to that, unless you think it’s a bad answer.

Jaime Kaler joins us and I ask him for his best advice for the woman who is looking for Mr. Right. But first, Michael interjects.

Michael Bunin: Pouring gas on the fire…you might want to get the stenographer out for this one.

Jaime Kaler: The hardest thing that I still haven’t learned is treat the ones you really like the same way as you treat the ones you don’t like. If you can have that same witty, normal conversation with a person you really like, it would be great, but it’s impossible.

Michael Bunin: I cannot tell you how thrilled and shocked I am that he did not stick his foot in his mouth and not insult everybody in the room.

Jaime Kaler: Well, it’s only the first question.

The woman’s perspective

At this point, SheKnows is joined by the ladies, series lead Jordana Spiro and the lovely Kellee Stewart, who plays Stephanie on the show.

Jordana offers up advice for men: Don’t talk about hookers and your coke habit on the first date.

While Kellee, whom I’ve been told always has the best advice for any occasion, gets serious.

Spending all their time with guys, these two share priceless insight

Kellee Stewart: Dating doesn’t have the same tone as it did in days past. My parents used to court each other. They’d go to a dance or get a pop. It’s not like that any more in this age of technology. My advice to finding Mr. Right? Stop looking. If you stop looking and stop trying so hard, then things will naturally happen.

Jordana Spiro: And I would tell men, if you like a woman, don’t text her. Call her.

What a concept!

Pick up more dos and don’t of dating on “My Boys” every Thursday night at 9:30 p.m. on TBS.

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