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The Twilight widget is here!

Fans of “Twilight” would line up tomorrow to see the movie if they could. The film does not arrive in theaters until December, and SheKnows has the widget you need to follow the “Twilight” sensation.

Edward is ready for his close up“Twilight” is an action-packed, modern day love story between a vampire and a human. Kristen Stewart portrays Bella Swan, a teen who has always been a little bit different. Bella never cares about fitting in with the trendy girls at her Phoenix high school.

Her mother remarries and sends Bella to live with her father in the fantastically gloomy town of Forks, Washington. Bella has no expectations. Then she meets Edward and life changes on a dime.

Edward is everything her previous male classmates are not. He is intelligent and witty, and sees directly into her soul. Soon, Bella and Edward are swept up in a passionate and decidedly unorthodox romance.

Edward hasn’t aged since 1918 and shares the same blessing and curse as all vampires, he’s immortal. Edward and his family are unique among vampires in their lifestyle choice, they don’t kill humans. Edward has waited 90 years for Bella, realizing the young woman is his soul mate.

He struggles with the innate urge that Bella’s scent produces, one that could send him into an uncontrollable fury. When James, Laurent and Victoria, Edward’s enemies, arrive on the scene, gripping suspense envelopes the story sending all involved into a spellbinding conclusion.

The widget is yours, courtesy of the Summit Entertainment’s “Twilight” and SheKnows. Don’t miss our interview with author Stephenie Meyer here and be sure to witness the SheKnows  “Twilight” trailer.

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