So You Think You Can Dance: Elimination Show

Two couples are broken up as the eliminations continue on “So You Think You Can Dance.” We’ve got the scoop!

Say goodnight, ChrisAfter Wednesday’s performances on “So You Think You Can Dance,” I made my predictions for the bottom three: Chelsea, Thayne, Kourtni and Matt, and Comfort and Chris. 

I was dead on!

I don’t see any of these dancers making it to the final round and most have already been in the bottom three multiple times. In the end, the clock ran out for Chris Jarosz and Chelsea Traille.   

Since these two were paired with other people, we’ll have our first mix-up next week with Comfort pairing up with Thayne.  

Frankly, I think it’s the current pairings that are keeping some lesser dancers alive and putting people like Comfort in the bottom three. It will be nice to see if Thayne can rise to the occasion with his new partner, otherwise, I predict he’ll be gone by the following week.

Last night’s show also featured a boring musical number by Jordin Sparks and a ‘less-than-I-expected’ dance routine by Quest.

On the upside, kudos to Nigel for getting the eliminations over with as soon as possible.  I don’t know if it was a time factor or a human one, but his quick announcements were very refreshing.

Fourteen are left and I’m still putting the same two at the top of the heap, Will and Joshua. We’ll see how they do next Wednesday on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

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