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Dance Machine premieres

Another embarrassing reality show or a tribute to true heroes, it’s your choice.

ABC's Duel is newQuite night for TV, gave me a chance to clear a few things off the DVR. First up, though, was the elimination round on “So You Think You Can Dance.” No surprise there. I called it in my recap Thursday morning. Then is was a rerun of “Supernatural” and finally got to finish the Women’s Gymnastics Olympic Trials that I recorded a couple of nights ago. Such pressure on those young women! Amazing stuff.

Tonight on TV

Not so amazing.

ABC is all new but hardly worth the effort. They start with the premiere of “Dance Machine,” where people who can’t dance make fools of themselves for money. That’s followed by “Duel” and “20/20.”

CBS is all reruns with “Ghost Whisperer” and a double dose of “Numb3rs.”

The CW has “Smackdown.”

FOX has “XXX: State of the Union.”

NBC goes with “Mot Outrageous Moments” and a new “Dateline NBC.” 

Over on cable

Animal Planet delivers new episodes of “Meerkat Manor” and “Orangu-Can.” SCI FI Channel has “Charlie Jade” and “Doctor Who.” TLC has a new “What Not To Wear” at 9:00 and at 10:00 is TruTV’s “Rich and Reckless.”

If you’re into heartwarming, check out Hallmark Channel’s “Hallmark Heroes” honoring four humanitarians with specialized gifts. 

News and notable}/headline}Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are preparing a variety show for syndication.

“Weed’s” star Romany Malco is starring in his own weekly series for YouTube.

“American Idol” has added Puerto Rico to the audition list this year.

Luke Perry will pop up on “Criminal Minds” and its no more Mr. Nice Guy.

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