Katy Perry Kisses a Girl and makes Billboard history

From its opening lines, “I Kissed A Girl” showed it was a different type of song. The Katy Perry ode to girlie lip locks has made Billboard history as the one-thousandth number one song since the pop chart’s inception.

Katy Perry makes history

“This was never the way I planned,” Katy Perry sings in the opening lines of her current number-one hit causing a national sensation.

That is also how Billboard’s founders may be feeling, having Perry’s brash track serve as the magazine’s 1,000th number one shows how far music has come from its first, Bill Haley’s “Rock around the Clock.”

But, if you think about it, “I Kissed A Girl” is not that far from the ’50s rock of Bill Haley to the Katy Perry infectious “I Kissed A Girl,” both songs are about rock n’ roll, which is really about you-know-what.

Madonna, who herself is responsible for a few of those one-thousand number one Billboard hits, has been raining praise on Perry to anyone who will listen. On Ryan Seacrest’s show when her “Hard Candy” had arrived in stores, she only wanted to talk about Katy Perry.

Billboard having 1,000 number-one hits is a true mark in music history.

With bookends of “Rock Around the Clock” and “I Kissed A Girl,” the charts should be proud of the catalog that is represented by the tracks that hit the top of the pops. Whether Bill Haley or Katy Perry, rock music has changed the world and our culture forever.

Can you imagine a world where you can’t rock around the clock while kissing a girl?

I sure can’t!

The first number one: Bill Haley

The newest number one: Katy Perry

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