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Duffy asks for Mercy and produces Ear Candy

Part Dusty Springfield and Ronnie Specter, Duffy has asked the world for “Mercy” and SheKnows Ear Candy obliges.

Sing it with me, 'Mercy!'

Her “Mercy” has found the songstress launching a toe-tapping fever that has repeated listening of the song failing to curb the craving for more “Mercy.”

“Mercy” sits as the rarest of songs that warrants the moniker of SheKnows look at the week’s most sonically succulent, Ear Candy. Duffy showcases her incredible range, glistening vocal voluptuousness from verse through a chorus never releasing its listeners from a musical Kung Fu grip.

The track harks to another era. The mental images that the track produces are purely swinging ’60s London. Imagine Austin Powers gyrating his hips screaming his “Yeah, Baby!”

“Mercy” is a musical menagerie you cannot resist.

From its opening beats, “Mercy” strikes as something off the beaten path of popular music. Duffy has crafted a single reflective of the times, uncertain, in motion, at the same time modern and classic, yet above all, it is as delicious as life itself.

Who could not identify with the passionate pulls of the forbidden fruit emanating from an electric soul you cannot resist?

“I don’t know what you do,
But you do it well,
I’m under your spell.
You got me begging you for mercy.”

The best aspect of “Mercy” is how Duffy is literally begging for freedom without truly possessing that desire. Duffy’s inability to resist her forbidden partner’s wide shadow of sensuality mirrors the same fire listener’s will crave from Duffy’s “Mercy.”

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Ear Candy video

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