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From “The Office” to “The A Team,” is a TV lover’s paradise.

NBC online has it all for fans of their showsIf you love NBC TV shows, you’ll find plenty to see and do on When you enter the site you’ll get a quick taste of what’s on in tonight in primetime. From here, you can click through to read bios, watch videos and even full episodes of current shows. No time for a full episode? Check out the two minute recaps and get caught up on what you might have missed.

The front page also gives you a list of features you might want to check out such as the “Family Feud” online poll, videos and wallpapers for your mobile phone and for a laugh there’s always the Late Night Underground for the best of Conan and his pals.

NBC is known for its news and sports coverage and you can launch those features right from the front page as well.

If you’re really a die-hard NBC fan, sign up for the myNBC Community where you can participate if forums, post blogs and choose widgets that show off your favorite shows. And don’t stop there, over in the NBC Store you can buy bobbleheads from “The Office,” “The Biggest Loser” workout DVDs and “American Gladiator T-shirts” just to name a few. This is also the place to buy beautiful pins, shirts and other memorabilia from the upcoming summer Olympics.

NBC has a rich history of great television and they recently added pages for many of their best from the past including “A-Team,” “Alfred Hitchcock Presents,” “Battlestar Galactica,” (The original) and “Emergency.” The “Way Back Wednesday” pages are full of trivia, photo scrapbooks, videos and full episodes of these great old shows.

So whether you’re into current TV or retro-style, has plenty of goodies to keep you busy this summer while you wait for the new season of your favorite shows to begin.

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