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The top 10 extreme celebrity makeovers

3. Britney Spears

Talk about a radical change, from innocent to sexpot to disturbed and over photographed, and then back to a more wholesome image, no one has gone through more personal image extremes as Britney Spears.

From the beginning, audiences knew this pop princess was going to be different. Who else could pose in a daisy field and then two years later be stripping on the MTV Video Awards with an enormous snake draped over her shoulders? I’ll tell you who…Britney Spears.

From a daisy flower to snake dancer, part one of Britney's extremes

Britney Spears is not done, when it comes to extreme makeovers, there are two more levels for Britney to conquer, crazy-beautiful.

Wether bald or beautiful, Britney has at least kept us guessing!

Katie and Pam battle for number one…

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