Amy Winehouse diagnosed with emphysema

Jun 23, 2008 at 12:37 a.m. ET

The singer with a smoky voice, Amy Winehouse, has been diagnosed with emphysema. She has been warned that she will die if she doesn't drop her drug smoking habit, her father says.

Amy's dad says she has emphysema

Amy was hospitalized last week after collapsing in her London home. Dad Mitch Winehouse told the press,

"The doctors have told her if she goes back to smoking drugs it won't just ruin her voice, it will kill her. The doctors have said that if she had continued the way she was going she could have ended up an invalid, she wouldn't have been able to breathe."

"She's got emphysema," he added.

"It's in its early stages, but had it gone on for another month they painted a very vivid picture of her sitting there like an old person with a mask on her face struggling to breathe."

"With smoking the crack cocaine and the cigarettes, her lungs are all gunked up. There are nodules around the chest and dark marks. She's got 70 percent lung capacity."

Amy is still scheduled to perform at the Glastonbury Festival next weekend.