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Kristen Johnston’s dramatic weight loss has people talking

Remember Kristen from Third Rock from the Sun? She has lost over 60 pounds and now has people talking.

Has she gone too far?After having a public meltdown on an off-Broadway stage a few years ago, Kristen Johnston pulled herself together and made a successful run on The Great White Way. She said she then gained 60 pounds over a year and eventually decided it was enough. With her 40th birthday approaching, she got serious about her lifestyle and what she put in her body.

Months on the Broadway stage can do that, late nights involving cocktails and late dinners, and next thing it’s been six months and 60 pounds. Johnston decided to stop drinking alcohol, began eating vegetables and got away from the white breads in her life.

Now, she’s focused on a healthy eating lifestyle that contains grains, fish and salads, none of which she enjoyed prior.

As you see the in the photo to the left, Kristen has definitely lost the weight.

But, now a new debate is raging as it does when an actress looses weight, ‘has she lost too much?’ The talk around Hollywood is now that Johnston could be dangerously close to taking her weight loss to unhealthy places.

What do you think?

Kristen Johnston says:

“When actresses lose weight, people can think they are anorexic. It is important to me to say that is not the case here.”

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