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David Archuleta signs a record deal

Archie got a record deal! David Archuleta has signed with 19 Recordings Jive Records and although that was hardly in doubt, what is still a question is what his sound becomes and how well he’ll sell albums.

Of course you're happy kid, you just got a record deal!

By signing with Jive, Archuleta is going with the practically in house recording company associated with “American Idol.” Winner David Cook gets the automatic deal, but anyone else in the Top 12 can sign wherever they want.

The fact that Archuleta signed with Jive is telling. At only 17, the singer could use some serious guidance as he navigates the mine fields of popular music when the song he’s singing is his own.

Now the real battle for “American Idol” supremacy can begin. David versus David went to Cook in round one as he took the title.

Subsequent rounds’ winners will be solely determined by record sales.

Judging by Cook’s one million sales of his first single in one week, he American Idol champion is off to a very good start.

Our bets are that Archuleta will be a pop star akin to Clay Aiken, another number two finisher, compared to his winner, Ruben Studdard.

There is no compare in those two singer’s record sales. It’s all Aiken.

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