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Inside the junket with Heather Graham

Ever want to attend a Hollywood movie press junket? Now’s your chance as SheKnows takes our readers inside Heather Graham’s press roundtable last week.

A veteran of over two dozen films, from “Boogie Nights” to “Bowfinger,” Heather Graham is starring in the new film, “Miss Conception.” She gathered reporters at the Hilton in Glendale
and SheKnows is thrilled to present the uncut, honest answers an artist gives when sitting a few feet away from reporters discussing their most recent passionate project.

The very British Miss Conception

“We had a coach. He was amazing. Thank God for him. We were really scared.
Heather's character wants a baby because soon, she can't!

I think the producer had a situation where at first the coach was going to be on the set for only the first two weeks so Mia (Kirschner) and I thought we need this dialect coach the whole time. We
definitely fought for that. He made us feel relaxed, gave you confidence, I was lucky to work with such a good coach. He said in London it’s cool now to mix in a little Cockney with your
London high class.

I started talking in the accent all day. When I got the job, there wasn’t really that much time to work on it. We’d go to lunch and talk, talk, talk, as much as we could. The script was
always written as an English film, the ways the people talk are so British. It would not have worked to have us talk like Americans.”

What attracted to her to Miss Conception?

“I thought it was funny. The idea of this girl getting these random strangers to impregnate her, I thought it would be fun. The scene where I’m yelling at the guy to get his pants off, I
thought that would be fun. But, I also had never been to Belfast before. It’s really beautiful, all on the ocean. That’s where they built the Titanic. It’s a really cool, really
nice people.
Heather Graham welcomes SheKnows into her

Her fake baby bump and changing attitude toward baby

“It’s kind of scary. Anything to do with childbirth is a little scary.

Over the last several years, I’ve definitely been a little excited about the idea of having a baby. I was never someone who really wanted one. But recently I sort of have the desire to think it
would be fun. I don’t want to get desperate about it. I think it’s just something to go with, if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I respect women who really know what they
want. I want to have this kid, I’m going to the sperm bank and have this kid. I respect that, that they really want a child and follow through on that.

I think it’s cool that there are so many advances in science to help people have kids. I guess I feel for myself, I’d be a much better parent now then when I was 20 (laughs). It’s
ironic that at the moment we’re probably better at taking care of a person, it’s biologically harder.”

Not a tabloid fodder

“I keep my life boring. I have to say journalists have bee nreally nice and cool Every once and a while there will be one who will really try to piss you off. I being an actor, I’ve learned not
to take things too personally. Let things roll off you’re back. Not really worth dwelling on, it’s not worth the time. You’d drive yourself insane.”
Heather and Mia share a moment in

Give Heather more comedies!

“I like doing Comedies. I find scary movies, I get so scared. It’s really depressing. To go to work everyday knowing someone is going to kill me, that’s not fun. It’s fun to do
something that’s silly and do something light hearted. There can be emotional aspects to it. It’s for fun’s sake.

I’m next in a movie with Jennifer Coolidge in Texas. It’s called “Exterminators.” It’s about these women in an anger management group who kill men. (laughs) It’s
an angry movie, but it’s a comedy, it’s sort of silly. It’s a dark comedy.”

Adding to movies’ messages for women

“I think that there is not a lot of female perspective in cinema and TV. I think that’s one reason “Sex and the City” did so well, is there’s not a lot out there for women
that we can relate to. I can relate to “Sex and the City.” I find a lot of movies that deal with women, I don’t. It’s nice when something is more relatable.

Myself, I kind of have gotten into producing. I want to do something that I originated, a story that I wanted to tell. I’ve got two scripts. One is about the Triangle Factory Fire of 1911.
I’ve wanted to make that for ten years. It’s this amazing story about how the immigrants first arrived and worked in sweatshops. This building burned down and created all these laws that
were put in place that are still in place today. It was what stopped America from having sweat shops. It’s a female empowering movie as well. Through tragedy how great thing happened, which is
people are protected in the workplace.
And I have another script called “The Accidental Virgin” and it’s a sex comedy. It’s kind of a crazy, funny, ridiculous fun story. I want it to be about how women and self
confidence. How in this society it’s hard to be a women. It’s a man’s world and we have to deal with so many different inputs coming on how we are supposed to be and how we have
to find our own self esteem.”

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