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Dads secretly love Dancing

TiVo uncovers the TV programs fathers secretly love.

Dads dig 'Dancing'TIVO asks, what shows do dads watch with the family pretending to hate, but actually enjoy? 

The poll asked more than 700 fathers from across the country one simple question. Which of these shows do you enjoy watching? One out of three found the recently wrapped “Dancing with the Stars” as the best, perhaps not a surprise considering the two finalists featured athletic resumes. 

The top 5 shows:

“Dancing With the Stars” – 33%
“Grey’s Anatomy” – 24%
“Desperate Housewives” – 22%
“Access Hollywood” – 17%
“TMZ” – 16%

Just missing the cut for fifth place was “America’s Next Top Model.” Shows falling far behind in the poll included “The View,” “Tila Tequila’s Shot at Love,” “The Hills,”  “Gossip Girl,” “The Real World,” and “Flavor of Love.”

TiVo also wanted to know what dad’s favorite guilty pleasure television genre was tops. It turns out, they just want to be kids again.

Dads top guilty pleasures:

Cartoons – 38%
Reality Shows – 35%
Entertainment News – 32%
Daytime Soaps – 11%
Teen Dramas – 09% 

I’m not surprised that dads watch “Dancing,” but “Desperate Housewives?” And I’ll bet they swear they watch it purely for the plot.

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