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Gina Gershon denies Clinton affair

Actress Gina Gershon has demanded a retraction of a story printed in Vanity Fair insinuating she had an inappropriate sexual relationship with former President Bill Clinton.

Gina Gershon - and Bill Clinton?The article, published in the July edition of the magazine, states “Hollywood dinner-party gossip” says “that Clinton has been seen visiting with the actress Gina Gershon in California.” The statement was made in a section of the article that discusses rumors of Clinton’s misbehavior with various women around the country.Gershon is outraged, and says she has only met Bill Clinton three times, at formal events with plenty of other people around. A letter to the magazine from Gershon’s lawyers claims the article “outrageously insinuates that Ms Gershon has had an inappropriate sexual relationship with President Clinton. This is absolutely false.”But Vanity Fair is sticking to their story. Beth Kseniak says, “Todd Purdum’s article does not indicate that former President Bill Clinton had an improper relationship with Gina Gershon. The story merely examines the concerns of some of Clinton’s aides about reports of his behavior. We don’t believe that any correction is warranted.”

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