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Rachel Ray, Young Royals and animals galore

Stick with the higher numbers on your TV, cable is where it’s at.

Jennifer Love anchors a repeat-filled night on TVLast night it was all about the dance. It was Vegas week on “So You Think You Can Dance,” and a big mouth got three dancers in trouble, two of which were eliminated for the verbal faux pas. One more went off in an ambulance, one quit before it all began and in the end there were 10 guys and 10 girls ready to begin doing battle. I can’t wait.

Over on Bravo, they were dancing for their lives in the season finale of “Step it Up and Dance.” This really was a tough call and the individual solo numbers didn’t make the judges’ job any easier. I adore Nick, but Cody’s dance actually brought a tear to my eye and in the end he took home the prize. It’s a shame they couldn’t announce the winner in front of a live audience though, it was so anti-climactical when it was announced to an empty house.

I recorded “Fear Itself” to watch during the day so I’ll report on that later. I totally missed “Swingtown.” Did anyone catch it? Is it worth catching on a replay or not so much? Maybe I’ll look for it online since there’s not much on TV tonight anyway. 

Let’s have a look. 

Tonight on TV

Except for the news magazines, it’s all reruns and sports.  The CW has “Smackdown,” and FOX is going with the movie “White Chicks.”

ABC has “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” “According to Jim,” and “20/20.”

CBS has two episodes of “Ghost Whisperer” followed by “Numb3rs.”

NBC has “Most Outrageous Moments” and “Dateline NBC.”

Over on cable

Biography channel profiles married murderers at 10:00. Animal Planet has “Animal Cops: South Africa.”

CMT is all new with “Can You Duet,” “Mobile Home” and “Trick My Truck.”

Food Network serves up a new helping of “Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels” at 8:30 and it’s not new, but “Paula’s Party” at 10:00 is always worth watching.

SCI FI has a new “Doctor Who” and “Battlestar Galactica,” and there’s a new “Dog Whisperer” at 8:00 on National Geographic.

E! has a good one at 9:00, “Forbes Top 20 Young Royals” and that’s followed by “The Soup.” 

News and notable

It’s all about the big names on the small screen:

Jimmy Smits joins Showtime’s “Dexter.”

Dennis Hopper signs on for Starz’s first drama, “Crash.”

Samuel L. Jackson signed a two-year deal with CBS to develop and produce projects for the network.

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