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Heather Graham shares more Miss Conception clips

Miss Conception debuted in Los Angeles today and as it begins its theatrical run, First Look Studios has provided SheKnows with two more clips from the romantic comedy.

Heather checks out a suitor“Miss Conception” is the story of a 30-something woman who finds out from her doctor that she has early menopause.

Believe it not, hilarity does ensue, but also a tenderness that is handled with grace by its stellar cast.

SheKnows showcased two exclusive clips last week and the studio has graced us with another two clips for our readers.

The first clip, “Women Have Needs,” showcases Graham’s character in her effort to become pregnant as quickly as possible.

Her doctor has told her that she has two weeks before her early menopause ends any chance at motherhood.

This British set film highlights how an American actress can, on occasion (think Renee Zellweger) master an English accent.

Our second clip is called “Good Luck” as Heather’s character is getting ready for an important date where her fate for a pregnancy could be decided. She finds it hardly surprising, the resistence she receives from these men who are only wanted for one thing. Heather’s not looking for Mr. Right, she’s searching for Mr. Right Now.

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