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Web 2.0: TV and the web

Complete your TV experience on the web.
TVLand on the web begins our look at Web and TVThese days, it’s not enough to just watch a TV show every week, networks want you to immerse yourself in the TV experience. It’s the magic loop that drives you from the TV to your computer and back to the TV again with videos, blogs, games and communities. 
Throughout the summer, we’ll take a look at what each of the networks has to offer, from previews of new shows to goodies that keep you interested while your favorites are on hiatus.

Can’t find anything to watch on TV this summer? Missing your favorite shows like “Grey’s Anatomy?” Most networks now offer a way to watch full episodes online. This is a great way to catch up with shows you may have missed or relieve those episodes that made you laugh or cry.

From Project Runway blogs to USA Network character games, webisodes at CBS and community forums at NBC — stay tuned to SheKnows for the best of TV on the web.

First up: TVLand has plenty of options for baby boomers and retro-TV lovers. Wednesday on She Knows Television.

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