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Obama clinches nomination and celebrities rejoice

Barack Obama earned enough delegates last night to clinch the Democratic Party nomination and Hollywood celebrated.

A little bromance goes a long wayBesides its historic moment as the first African American to secure a major party’s nomination for President, there are quite a few celebrities in Hollywood raising their glasses today as well.

Ben Affleck’s bromance with Barack

Ben Affleck was one of the first A list celebrities in Hollywood to endorse the junior Senator from Illinois.

Affleck’s commitment to Obama knows no bounds. Whether its wearing an Obama T-Shirt while going for coffee with his wife Jennifer Garner and baby Violet, or speaking on the campaign trail, Affleck will be a face often seen in the Fall Presidential campaign.

Affleck is long a political activist and many believe he will someday run for office.

Scarlett Johansson has a crush on Obama

The Obama girl is not the only female with a crush on the potential next President of the United States.

This superstar may serve as Woody Allen’s muse of late, but it Scarlett Johansson’s support as well as Affleck’s that made it OK for those in Hollywood to pop on that Barack Obama pin.

Johansson is routinely passing out Obama buttons, bumper stickers and even gave a shout out to the candidate on her debut CD’s liner notes.

Also watch for Johanssen to appear for Obama as the candidate wishes.

She has already been a part of video compilations put together by Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am.

Kate Walsh: the doctor loves Obama

Another early supporter of Barack Obama, “Private Practice” star Kate Walsh is never seen without her Barack Obama pin. Whether stylishly sporting it on a dashing coat or flashing the two-handed “O” to paparazzi that follow her every move, when it comes to passion for politics, Kate Walsh has a heart solely set on Obama’s historic run to become America’s first African American president.

Scarlett and Kate love Obama

The Queen of B

Obama’s first celebrity endorsement was the biggest. Oprah Winfrey came out for her local Senator in the early going. It was her on the campaign trail in South Carolina that convinced African Americans that this candidate was for real and they, as a people, had a true shot at making history if they got behind the man from the South side of Chicago.

Watch for Oprah to ramp up her support of Obama in the Fall campaign. As Hillary Clinton entered the race, her viewers put major pressure on her to back off of her vocal support and give the historic first female candidate with a shot at the White House a fair chance.

Now that Obama has locked up the nomination, watch for Miss Oprah to be a campaign trail heavyweight.

Oprah was the first big name to endorse Obama

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