TVLand says she has got the look

TVLand presents ‘Top Model’ for the Baby Boomer crowd.

These women all have the lookThis season,
Whitney broke the modeling mold when she became the first plus-sized woman to win “America’s
Next Top Model
.” Now, ten more contestants are out to break another modeling stereotype by becoming a top model over 35!

On June 4, TVLand will pull the wrapping off of “She’s Got The Look”
and it’s about time.

“She’s Got The Look” follows 10 contestants, 35 years old and older, as they vie for a modeling contract with Wilhelmina and a spread in SELF Magazine.  These women come in all
shapes, colors and backgrounds, some overcoming huge challenges in life and others just coping with the daily struggles of being a wife and mom. 

Supermodel Kim Alexis is the host with Supermodel Beverly Johnson, Celebrity Stylist Robert Verdi and Wilhelmina President Sean Patterson Serve as Judges.  Throughout the six
episode series, the women will live together in a New York loft and compete in the typical photo shoot and runway challenges.  But this modeling show will be anything but typical. 
Instead of a house full of girl’s just finding themselves, this house will be full of confident women who have strength and maturity in their corner.

“Television and the fashion world have historically overlooked real women in their 40s and 50s,” states Larry W. Jones, president, TV Land. “TV Land is thrilled to showcase in an entertaining way
these ten gorgeous women with rich life experiences.”

“She’s Got The Look’s” ten contestants are:

Bahia, 37

Hometown: Beverly Hills, CA

Raised in a conservative Muslim family, Bahia is finally at a place in her life where she can embrace her beauty instead of trying to minimize it. She is ready to show the world that she is
beautiful inside AND out.

Celeste, 50

Hometown: Chicago, IL

This vivacious 50-year old believes that this competition is her second chance at becoming a supermodel. Having strutted the runways in Europe when she was younger, Celeste knows exactly what it
takes to make it in this business.

Hope, 35

Hometown: New York, NY

A fiery 35-year old beauty, Hope is proud that she has overcome the obstacles of her childhood and is now raising 3 children. Becoming a model has been her life-long dream and she believes that now
is her time.

Karin, 40

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

This striking Swede didn’t always view herself as pretty. Having overcome extreme social shyness and awkwardness, Karin is experiencing the birth of her own beauty as she begins to realize that she
deserves to be included in this supermodel set.

Kathy, 39

Hometown: Suwanee, GA

This natural beauty thought she had made the decision twenty years ago to give up a career when she married her high school sweetheart and chose to stay home and raise her two kids. Ready to answer
the question of what could have been, Kathy embarks on this journey to prove to herself that she matters too.

Melissa, 38

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Melissa is a sassy All-American girl thrilled to get her second chance at a modeling career. She is ready to take on any challenge and says she looks better now — at the age of 37 — than ever

Paula, 37

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Edgy and confident, this 37-year-old put herself through college on a sports scholarship and believes that beauty comes from within. She is a self-professed competitor and is ready to tackle the
modeling world.

Roxanne, 40

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

This red-headed beauty has a spirituality about her that calms her during rough times — including overcoming a difficult divorce. Stronger and wiser from her life experiences, Roxanne is finally
ready to commit herself to modeling.

Sharon, 63

Hometown: Baldwin Hills, CA

A sexy and charismatic woman, Sharon exudes joy and is determined to try new experiences. With the recent passing of her husband, Sharon relies on him for inspiration in this competition, knowing
that he always encouraged her to be a model.

Tanya, 45

Hometown: Orange County, CA

Having overcome a difficult childhood, Tanya’s proudest achievement is creating a positive life for her family. Stabbed several times as an adolescent, this mother of five is the president of a
non-profit organization group in her hometown and is committed to her missionary work in Africa, where she lectures young women on empowerment.

Watch “She’s Got the Look” on TVLand beginning June 4 at 10:00.


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