Beauty Queens Gone Wrong and champion spellers

Beauty pageants gone wrong and scandals the scandals that made them famous has E! buzzing tonight.

Gladiators continues on NBCLast night I suffered through two more hours of “So You Think You Can Dance.”  Suffered because, A) so many of these dancers make me cry, in a good way, and B) so many of these dancers make me cry, in a bad way.

Seriously, the women who looked Mary Murphy in the eye and said all three judges were lying to her about her inability to dance. And that guy who was, as Nigel put it, an insult to drag queens. The toughest calls though, are the ones that have real talent, but it doesn’t translate into the wide range of dancing they need to do on the show. 

The Las Vegas callbacks are on June 5.

Tonight on TV

ABC is going for broke with “The National Spelling Bee” followed by a new “20/20.”

CBS has reruns of “Ghost Whisperer” followed by two sports-themed episodes of “Numb3rs.”

NBC has “American Gladiators” and “Dateline NBC.”

FOX’s movie night has Brittany Murphy in “Little Black Book,” and The CW is still in “Smackdown” mode.

Over on cable

It’s much better over here on Friday nights. E! has a great one, “Beauty Queens Gone Wrong: 15 Pageant Scandals” and that’s followed by “The Soup.”

Food Network presents a new “Paula’s Party” at 10:00 and TLC has a new “What Not to Wear” at 9:00.

SCI FI Channel brings us the finale of “The Sarah Jane Adventures” and chases that with new episodes of “Doctor Who” and “Battlestar Galactica.” 

News and notable

Buzz Lightyear will be going into space for real on Saturday as NASA launches the Kids in Space program, designed to encourage kids to study science.

AMC’s critically acclaimed retro-drama “Mad Men” returns with new episodes on July 27.

Tony Rock, brother of Chris, is working on a sketch show for MyNetworkTV.

“Lost” wrapped up its season last night with the lowest finale ratings ever.  What is this world coming to!


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