Take on Monk at the USA Network Character Arcade

On USA, characters are certainly welcome.

USA and Monk want you to come out and playNeed a little Monk-shui to get your life in order?

Perhaps you’re a Psych in Training? Or maybe you’re just bored at work and need a little fun to wash away the sour taste of Marty’s four-hour staff meeting on proper use of the copier.

You’ll find it all at the new Character Arcade at USA Network. Here you can play character themed games from USA’s top shows such as “Burn Notice,” “Psych,” “Monk” or just settle in for some good old fashioned Duck Wrangling!

You can even track your performance so you can find out which one of your friends is really more psychic than Psych! 

And did I mention you can win $10,000 in the Big Lots USA Network sweepstakes just by playing? 

I’m heading over there now so why don’t you sign up, too and see if you can beat me!


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