Sex and the City movie secrets, final installment

May 29, 2008 at 2:25 p.m. ET

Now that the wait for the "Sex and the City" movie is down to 24 hours, we have one last inside secret for you from the film.

One more day!While we're not about to dish on the ending or rain on the parade of our friends at New Line Cinema, one thing's for sure: this particular secret is meant to be shared. As in setting the records straight.

Listen up: forget the rumors, dismiss the rhetoric. No one will die in this flick.

Filmmaker Michael Patrick King says, "There is no death, you can put that out there," he said to SheKnows during the "Sex" press conference.

"It's a summer movie and I care too much about each of the characters."

While we're sure you'll love this movie just as we did, devouring it in all of its colorful costume splendor you can't help but wonder: will there be a sequel?

I simply had to ask the energetic King himself. "Alright, I'm the type of gentleman that when I'm in the middle of a sexual moment, when I'm having good sex I'd like to think only about that sex and right now I'm having good sex. I'm not thinking about the sex coming around the corner."

He adds, "But that's the great thing about New York, you never know what's coming around the corner."  

Be sure to visit SheKnows tomorrow for our interview with Chris Noth and Jennifer Hudson on the unique take of being in on a cultural revolution.  

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