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So You Think You Can Dance auditions continue

Dancing auditions and play-off hockey. Which is harder on the body?

The judges have their say on tonight's SYTYCD?Last night was filled with the two-hour finale of A&E’s “Andromeda Strain.” Slightly predictable (…and only the odd man can stop the self-destruct from happening…) but exciting right up to the end. And the moral of the story is: governments are way scarier than any alien virus. I’m behind them on that.

Thanks to the DVR I also got to watch more of Goofy, aka. Matt, on “Hell’s Kitchen” and frankly, I don’t see any of these people running a restaurant for Gordon. For that matter, I can’t see any of them running a hot dog cart. Can we have a season with no winner? It would be a neat surprise, wouldn’t it?

I’ve also become addicted to “Chelsea Lately” on E!. She says what I’m thinking when I see these celebrity news stories.  Good stuff.

Now on to tonight…

Tonight on TV

ABC and FOX are both all new. FOX has more auditions for “So You Think You Can Dance,” and ABC goes with “Wife Swap,” “Supernanny,” and “Men in Trees.”

CBS is all repeats, “Price is Right,” “Criminal Minds,” and “CSI: NY.”

NBC is going with a primetime airing of the Stanley Cup Playoffs (dig that), and The CW has one old and one new “Farmer Wants a Wife.”

Over on cable

It’s “Top Chef” on Bravo at 10:00, “Dinner Impossible” cooks for firefighters on the Food Network and It’s “Factory Made” on Discovery.

SCI FI Channel has an all-new “Ghost Hunters” at 9:00 and there’s a new “Real World” on MTV at 10:00.

News and notable

Tori Spelling has signed on for a few appearances on the new “90210” on The CW.

The big three networks will combine forces in September for a cancer benefit.

Tribune gave WGN a make-over. The new tag line is “TV You Can’t Ignore” and it comes with a creepy new logo. 

Be sure to keep up with the latest television news on SheKnows Television.

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