Heather Graham has a “Miss Conception” in these exclusive clips

Heather Graham is sitting down for an interview with SheKnows on June 3 and sent us two exclusive clips from her latest movie. “Miss Conception” opens in limited release June 6.

Heather Graham in Miss Conception, in theaters June 6“Miss Conception” is the story of a woman in her mid-thirties (Heather Graham) who believes she is going through early menopause and insists on becoming pregnant at the quickest pace. As the tag line says, ‘She does not need Mr. Right, she needs Mr. Right Now.”

The film takes place in Britain and also stars Mia Kirschner. Note in this exclusive clips, Graham’s spot-on British accent. It seems the easiest of lilts to replicate, but to maintain over a 90-minute film is difficult to say the least.

As all of her friends come together to find her the perfect man to produce the perfect baby, plans go awry, hope arises and the entire time, comedy is never too far from the surface.

“Miss Conception” arrives in theaters June 6 and SheKnows sits down with its star, Heather Graham, on June 3.

Stay tuned for all the details on this funny and endearing film that is the perfect antidote to the summer movie explosions, robots and aliens. “Miss Conception” is the rarest of summer movies, it has heart.

The first exclusive clip from ‘Miss Conception’



In this next clip, things get decidedly more complicated as Heather’s character biological clock has one more day when her best friend gives her a surprise that is frankly, unacceptable.


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