Lindsay Lohan guests on Ugly Betty

Lindsay Lohan as the popular girl on the downslide, now that is acting!

Lohan's ready to start a fight with Naomi CampbellCall it stunt casting wars;  Britney Spears on “How I Met Your Mother,” Paris Hilton on “My Name is Earl” and now it’s Lindsay Lohan on “Ugly Betty.”

In the season finale, it’s “Mode” vs “Elle” magazine in a charity softball game which ends up pitting Wihelmina against supermodel Naomi Campbell. Meanwhile, both Gia and Henry have a romantic offer for Betty. 

And where exactly does Lindsay fit in? She plays the popular girl who made Betty’s life miserable in high school who is now working in a fast food joint.

Sounds like a lot of subplots to cram into one episode. But, rumor has it that it’s just a set up for Lohan who will return for at least five episodes next season.

“Ugly Betty” will be Lindsay Lohan first TV guest appearance since she did a walk-on on “That 70s Show” in 2004. Why the sudden interest in television? Maybe it comes from mom Dina banning her from their family’s new reality show “Living Lohan.”

Watch the season finale of “Ugly Betty” tonight at 8:00 on ABC.


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