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Power couples in Hollywood, who made the list

Who’s the “MONEYiest,” “SEXiest,” “LOVEiest,” “IMPACTiest?” Oxygen lets us know.
Who are Hollywood's top power couplesTom and Katie, David and Victoria Beckham, Brad and Angelina? 
When it comes to gossip, nothing generates more dish than showbiz “Power Couples.” That’s why Oxygen has Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott counting down the top 25 most influential couples in entertainment, sports, fashion and politics.

Oxygen polled more than 200 of LA’s most influential taste makers for their opinions as to who should make the cut. The 25 most dynamic duos are broken down along the lines of “STYLEiest,” “MONEYiest,” “SEXiest,” “LOVEiest” and “IMPACTiest” to reveal how they’ve made their unique imprint on pop culture. The outcome, in a style befitting Oxygen, is a list mixed with the expected (Faith Hill and Tim McGraw) and the unexpected (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen). Adding comedic punch and expert opinion to the show are comedians, journalists, fashion designers, and pop culture gurus including; Melissa Rivers, Charlie O’Connell (“The Bachelor”), and ANT (“Last Comic Standing,” “Celebrity Fit Club”).

Find out who makes the list when Oxygen presents the “25iest: Power Couples” on Tuesday, June 10 at 10pm.

Who do you think is the Top Hollywood Power Couple?

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