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Dancing With the Stars: The Winner

There were no surprises in this slow crawl to the finish for Dancing with the Stars.

Kristi's another champ, this time on the ballroomLast night a new winner for “Dancing with the Stars” was crowned and for the first time since the first season it was a woman! Kristi Yamaguchi waltzed away with the trophy and though she deserved it, it made for a predictable finish.

ABC devoted their entire night to “Dancing With the Stars” beginning with a repeat of Monday night’s final three episode then rolling into a slow-moving two hour finale. Maybe it’s me, but I used to enjoy this show much more than I did last night. Then again, maybe it’s because Cristian was kicked out early in the program. Working with one arm, he just couldn’t compete with the athletic free style dances of Kristi and Jason. 

It is interesting to note that the majority of the winners over the past seasons have all been athletes (I count race car driving in that). While the actors and singers may have the stage presence, I don’t think they have the drive and competitive edge needed to come out on top.

As is tradition, they filled the hours with video recaps and chats with former contestants. They also had many of the eliminated contestants comeback and dance once last time. This isn’t so bad for those who only went home a week or two ago, but it’s killer for those who left in the early rounds. You can see how time away from the dance floor has weakened already weak performances and even Adam Corolla on a unicycle again didn’t help.

Usher was on hand with his own dancers for two performances. The first one, “Love in This Club” did nothing for me, but the second one, “Yeah,” included some of the DWTS pros and the dance number was pretty nifty.

What we didn’t get among all the recaps and repeat performances was a dance number with all of the pros. Those are always spectacular and now that the pros have become as popular, if not more popular, than the stars they mentor it was only fitting.

DWTS also crowded their junior champs last night and I applaud them for not dragging the littlest ones out on stage only to announce that they didn’t win. The young teen couple won and playing off of the boy’s comment about wanting to meet The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, three guesses who delivered their prize. Host Tom took it a bit too far though with his remarks about getting their phone numbers and innuendos that I thought were inappropriate under the circumstances. 

And speaking of questionably appropriate, I did love the “Bromance” film they showed highlighting the super-close friendship of Jason and Cristian.  With Cristian looking quite mortified in the audience, Tom explained that they had planned to show the featurette only at the wrap party but decided it was too good to waste. I agree. It was funny and really very sweet. I know they made a joke out of it, but it’s really nice to see two men acting as gentlemen and friends even though they were competing against each other. The saying really is true.  It’s not whether you win or lose the mirror ball trophy it’s how you play the game. For that, Cristian is still the winner in my book.

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