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American Idol crowns a winner

An American Idol send off and a few more season finales continue to bring this season to a close.
American Idol crowns its champ tonightHappy “American Idol” day to you all.  They should just make it a national holiday, give everyone a day off, then plan a marathon finale with clips and guests and shots of random celebs in the audience — and finally, at two minutes after the hour (just to mess with those of you who still use old fashioned VHS technology), they’ll announce that David Archuleta is the winner! 
(I love David Cook to pieces, but honestly, do you really expect any other outcome?)

The “American Idol” finale kicks off at 8:00 on Fox and runs until 10:00 — ish.  Be prepared.

The other networks were all smart enough not to program anything significant against the “Idol” onslaught so here’s a quick run down.

ABC goes with a rerun of “Lost” followed by the season finale of “Boston Legal.”

CBS has “The Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular,” followed by a new “Criminal Minds” and “CSI: NY.”

NBC has reruns of “Law & Order” all night long with the final episode being the season finale.

The CW goes with reruns of “Farmer Wants a Wife.” 

Over on cable

After “Idol”, switch over to Bravo for a day at the diner with “Top Chef.” 

And speaking of cooking shows, I’ve become rather fond of “A Lyon in the Kitchen.”  The series airs on Discovery Health in a variety of time slots throughout the week (including two episodes tonight.)  It’s a healthy cooking show with a peaceful feeling that really celebrates the joy of cooking for friends and family.

On another healthy note, PBS has an excellent documentary, “Depression: Out of the Shadows” that follows a wide range of people from a CEO to a former gang member who all suffer from the disease.  Check your local listings for time and channel.

News and notable

I spent yesterday hanging on the sets of TBS comedy shows and it was a blast.  I’ll have more for you on that in the coming days, but in the short term – Bill Engvall is as sweet and welcoming as he appears on TV and Reid Scott of “My Boys” is truly a delight to look at over lunch! 

— “Emeril Live” returns, this time on the Fine Living Network.  Beginning in July there will be a new episode every Monday and repeats of old episodes the rest of the week at 7:00.

— In more food news, former prison inmate turned chef of world-famous resorts, Chef Jeff Henderson will have his own show on The Food Network in October.  The chef will mentor troubled young adults who are looking to turn their lives around.

— Planet Green, (yes, that’s a network) has picked up “Alter Eco” which has “Entourage’s” Adrian Grenier and his friends making eco-friendly renovations to celebrity homes.  The series premieres in June.

— If the promos for ABC’s physical challenge series “Wipeout” look familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen the Japanese import “Most Extreme Challenge” or “MXC.”  I’m worried that we’re now swiping game show ideas from Japan…

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