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Dancing With the Stars Finale

The last two dancers and the last two singers, it’s Dancing and Idol going head-to-head.

Will Kristi take the disco ball?By the time tonight’s “Dancing with the Stars” finale completes its three-hour run, there will be a new couple hoisting a disco ball trophy. It’s down to the final three on “Dancing with the Stars” and the country is split in thirds as to who will take the title. Be sure you be prepared for tonight’s finale with my predictions of the “Dancing with the Stars” finale that is sure to be the talk of the nation tomorrow morning.

There’s also that little show “American Idol” that moves into the big-house Noika theater in an effort to crown its season seven champion. To catch up on everything “American Idol” from where are they now to voting for your favorites, don’t miss SheKnows American Idol page.

Tonight on TV

ABC has a full night of “Dancing With the Stars.” That’s right, 3 full hours and the crowning of this season’s champ.

CBS will try to compete with a huge season finale of “NCIS” and someone isn’t coming out alive. Follow that with a new “Shark.”

NBC doesn’t bother trying to compete, they have “The Most Outrageous Moments,” and two “Law & Order SVU” reruns.

The CW has back-to-back “Reapers” with one repeat and one finale.

And then there’s FOX with the final two on “American Idol,” followed by “Hell’s Kitchen.” 

Over on cable

Bravo has a full night of “Workout” including one new episode at 10:00.

MTV has “Tila Tequila,” Oxygen has a “Bad Girl’s Club” reunion and it’s voyeurs and exhibitionists on WE’s “Secret Lives of Women.”

No news today as I’m off to spend the day on the set of TBS’ returning comedies “My Boys” and “The Bill Engvall Show.”  I’ll have a full report for you when I get back.

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