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Dancing With the Stars: we predict the winner

Who will tango away with the mirror-ball trophy on the “Dancing with the Stars” finale?

It's down to the final three

Tonight marks the final performances for this season of “Dancing With the Stars” and what a season it has been. Though not as surprising as some previous seasons, this year had its fair share of dramatic moments. One was last week where, for a moment, I thought Marissa was staying and Cristian was going home! But no, after a rocky start, the Latin lovely made his way to the top of the leaderboard thanks to a wounded wing — who would have thought!

Let’s take a look at the final three and see if we can’t pick a winner.

Jason and Edyta

Pro:  He’s tall and that makes for great lines. She’s sexy and that makes for male voters. Together, they have a certain charm and technically he’s better than I would have expected.

Con:  Jason doesn’t have that charisma factor with the audience that Apolo had or Joey Fatone or even Cristian. And Edyta often comes across very hard and not all that likeable. Yes, it’s supposed to be a dancing competition but at this point it’s winning over the fans that counts.

Chances of winning: Never been a favorite of mine, I expect them to land at the bottom. 

Cristian and Cheryl

Pro: Cristian’s smile and his boyish enthusiasm are his greatest assets. He’s improved so much since hurting his arm, I have to think it’s because he was finally able to concentrate on something other than where his feet were going. Cheryl’s also a fan favorite and that helps. Everyone talks about the popularity of the stars but after this many seasons the pros have their own fans and that could be the deciding factor in the vote.

Con: Cristian isn’t as technically skilled as Kristi or Jason so if we’re going on dancing ability alone, he shouldn’t win.  There’s also the rumblings about Cristian getting sympathy votes due to his injury. If that’s true, I don’t know that those same voters will be as generous when it comes to the final.

Chances of winning: I’d love to see him take it just to see that smile grow even wider but I think he’ll be a close second.

Kristi and Mark

Pro: Technically, she’s the best dancer here. I think it’s something about the Olympic spirit. These athletes know how to sink their mind and body to get the most out of their few minutes in front of the audience. Gracefully, lovely lines, has shown she’s versatile and partner Mark is also well liked. A tough combination to beat.

Con: Personality. That same drive that makes her excel technically makes her look cold and emotionless. The audience wants to connect and I don’t believe she’s done that in any of her dances. Keeping a straight face for those Olympic judges is one thing, but on “Dancing With the Stars,” they want to see you cry.

Chances of winning: She’s been in the top two pretty much the whole competition so it’s obvious that she’s the one to beat if you’re voting for the best dancer. Still, there’s a 30% chance that the audience will vote with the hearts and give it to Cristian. 

Who do you think will win the coveted mirror-ball trophy? Tune in tonight at 8:00 on ABC for the last dance and then tomorrow at 9:00 for the results. 

Having “Dancing With the Stars” withdrawals already? Fox and SheKnows to the rescue! “So You Think You Can Dance” premieres on Thursday and we’ll have it all for you right here at SheKnows. 

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