What is your Sex and the City IQ?

May 19, 2008 at 12:20 p.m. ET

Da-da-da-de-da-de-da...(insert jazzy theme music here)...what is your Sex and the City IQ?

Our countdown of everything "Sex and the City: The Movie" continues today on SheKnows with this test of your IQ when it comes to the New York City Fab Four.

Only 12 days until the film arrives!

Rev up your engines, ladies and dust off those Dolce's (Dolce and Gabbanna, that is). With the release of "Sex and the City: The Movie," we couldn't help but reminisce about the fabulous gals we've known for an entire decade.

How well do you know these ladies?

Sure, we stood by their sides through their countless dates, cosmopolitans, and yes, even a few cupcakes so the question is how much SATC information do you recall? In other words…what is your Sex and the City IQ?

1. Where does Carrie live?
a.) the Upper West Side
b.) the Upper East Side
c.) Midtown
d.) The Meatpacking District

2. Mr. Big's real name was finally revealed in the series finale. What was his name?
a.) Jim
b.) John
c.) Jack
d.) Jumbalaya

3. Which of the following is most likely not a pair of shoes that Carrie owned?
a.) Manolo Blahnik
b.) Payless
c.) Jimmy Choo
d.) Gucci

4. What did Aidan Shaw, Carrie's ex, do for a living?
a.) bartender
b.) furniture designer
c.) doctor
d.) beekeeper

5. Samantha's boyfriend, Smith Jerrod, is an actor with a stage name. What is his real first name?
a.) Jeremy
b.) Jerry
c.) Jim
d.) Jumbalaya

6. Which of Carrie's men broke up with her via a post-it note?
a.) Aidan
b.) Berger
c.) Mr. Big
d.) Aleksandr Petrovsky

7. Who is most known for being smart, self-assured and yes, a bit cynical?
a.) Carrie
b.) Miranda
c.) Charlotte
d.) Samantha

8. What is the name of Trey MacDougal's (Charlotte's first husband) mother?
a.) Buffy
b.) Bunny
c.) Babs
d.) Brookums

9. What is a modelizer?
a.) someone who loves to model and work the runway 24/7
b.) someone who is obsessed with models
c.) someone who works in the fashion industry
d.) someone obsessed with European designers

10. When Miranda did speed dating, men were intimidated when she told them her profession as an attorney. Which occupation did she start saying instead?
a.) dental hygienist
b.) flight attendant
c.) receptionist
d.) usher at Madison Square Garden

Mostly Ds? You need to call for help!

Mostly B's

Congrats, you passed the test! You certainly know your SATC 101, alrighty then. Whether it was Carrie's abysmal weekend in the country with Aidan or Charlotte getting together with her divorce attorney, Harry, your SATC knowledge from six seasons is intact and it's fabulous. Check that, it's single and fabulous, exclamation point!

Mostly A's and C's

Let's face it, you can dish the dirt with the best of them, but fall a bit short when it comes to the deets (as in details). No worries though, with a few DVD rentals you'll catch up on the sexy scoop ranging from the beginning when Samantha initially hit on Mr. Big to much later on when Carrie decided she was taking a "lov-ah" in Aleksandr Petrovsky.

Mostly D's

We won't go so far to say you made the D-list, but with the movie being released you'll want to definitely check out several DVD's and hey, maybe even listen to the book on tape narrated by Cynthia Nixon who played Miranda. We're not sayin' you're not a faithful fan, but the fact that you fell for the Jumbalaya answer not once but twice, well, it makes us wonder if you're just not into the show.