Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz rehearse

Ashlee Simpson and her family gathered at Jessica Simpson’s Hollywood estate Friday night. Unusual? No, except that it was a rehearsal dinner.

Ashlee, are you getting married this weekend?As SheKnows has been reporting for days, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz will be getting married today in Southern California. Rumors have had the wedding from San Diego to Santa Barbara.

As the date has drawn closer, the reality that is their nuptials appears to be taking place in Los Angeles, likely Jessica’s Hollywood home.

The traditional night-before rehearsal dinner appeared to be the function at the Simpson abode Friday night as Wentz, Jessica, Ashlee and a few Fall Out Boys gathered at chez Simpson. Reports of a large white tent being set up are swirling.. 

Fall Out Boy band members are all expected to be in attendance to support their guy for tomorrow’s ceremony as well as a number of celebrities from all corners of Hollywood.

Later tonight, SheKnows will update you on all the here and now of the celebrity wedding sure to capture the nation’s fascination.


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