Gossip Girl star Michelle Trachtenberg kiss and tells

What could be better than a private fête at Sunglass Hut in Manhattan as they launched their new store experience? Why, celebrity appearances, of course, darling. SheKnows caught up with “Gossip Girl” star Michelle Trachtenberg for an exclusive one-on-one as she hosted the launch party in celebration of Gen Art’s 10th Anniversary Styles Competition.

Say hi, Michelle, you're on TV's hottest showMichelle Trachtenberg was initially hired to appear on “Gossip Girl” as a guest star for a several episode arc. Her character’s evil ways so inspired the show’s feverish fans, Trachtenberg is now a permanent cast member.

The actress shares her insight into the highly anticipated Monday finale of “Gossip Girl” and paints quite a picture of a young actress just beginning her Hollywood ascent.

Dishing on Gossip

SheKnows: How does it feel to be on the hottest show on TV? Is it surreal?
Michelle Trachtenberg: Yeah, it’s pretty fun. I think it’s great to be doing television where you can sort of get an immediate response from the audience. It’s an amazing show to be on – the cast, the crew, and the writers – they’re all phenomenal so I’m pretty lucky.

SheKnows: Can you tell us a little bit about how much fun you’re having with your character? I’m assuming you’re having fun with it…. (laughs)

Michelle Trachtenberg: She’s extraordinary. It’s always amazing to play the bad girl and she’s just fun and exciting and you really never know what Georgina’s going to do next.

SheKnows: How does the cast get along behind the scenes? Are there specific friendships forming? Is anyone a jokester?

Michelle Trachtenberg: Actually I know it sounds really boring but everyone really gets along. Everyone’s really sweet and they welcome you with open arms. Most of my scenes are with Blake (Lively) and everyone’s always laughing in between takes. They’re always like, “Alright, okay, cameras are rolling, say your lines now.” We hang out as well when we’re not filming so it’s nice.

SheKnows: Regarding the actual filming, does it feel like work? People often say when you’re having fun on the job it doesn’t feel like work.

Michelle Trachtenberg: It’s work in the sense that you have to come to your job prepared everyday, you have to know your lines and everything but it’s very fluid and easy going so it doesn’t necessarily feel like work.

Watch your back, Blake! SheKnows: How do you prepare for your lines? Do you get in a certain Georgina mindset?

Michelle Trachtenberg: I don’t, I really just memorize it all, know what I have to say. I’m the kind of person when I get to set the next day and I see how my actors are going to interact with each other. That’s really more how you’re going to do the scene. I don’t know how I’m going to react to things happening here and there and whatnot so it’s always off the cuff.

Inside Gossip

SheKnows: Where do you see your character going? What types of secrets we can expect from the finale?

Michelle Trachtenberg: Georgina’s worlds will collide and there’ll be some repercussions. It’s just a little bit of everything!

SheKnows: Is there anything else our readers should know about “Gossip Girl” that I haven’t asked?

Michelle Trachtenberg: Just that we have an amazing time doing the show. We try to keep you guys entertained — working hard at it!


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