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Top Model crowns a winner

Whitney wins and it’s a “Top Model” first!

America's Next Top Model has found theirsLast night, Whitney and Anya walked the runway in Italy in hope of becoming “America’s Next Top Model.” When all was said and done, it was Florida student Whitney who walked away with the prize and the distinction of being the very first full-figured model to win in the history of the series.

Even Tyra Banks had to admit that lovely Whitney was far from what most people would call “plus-sized” but when you’re surrounded by girls who wear a “0,” having a few curves can make anyone feel extra large. But week after week, Whitney turned out striking photos and her self-confidence never wavered. Her only downfall, according to the judges, was the phony attitude she used to cover up her real insecurities. Usually so tough and unshakeable, runner-up Anya said she was surprised to see Whitney cry during the final judging and seeing her vulnerable side made her that much more appealing.

When it came to the famous “Top Model” runway show it was surprisingly drama free. Dressed in gorgeous Versace gowns (usually I’m not all that fond of the odd couture dresses they put these ladies in) there were no trips, no rips and no attitude from the top two. It was so professional, I’ll bet the “Top Model” producers were tempted to throw a shoe on to the runway just to see if they could trip the girls up!

Did the right girl win “America’s Next Top Model?” Whitney has the CoverGirl smile but she seems a bit old for the pages of Seventeen. Anya would have fit right in to the teen magazine but her strange accent would have made her a tough sell for those CoverGirl commercials. And Fatima, who came in third, she had the raw talent but she still had plenty of lessons to learn. 

Look for Whitney on the cover of the July issue of Seventeen magazine, on CoverGirl displays at Walmart and on a billboard in Times Square. I can hardly imagine what it feels like to be her today.

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