TNT pays tribute to Jesse L. Martin

Eleven hours of “Law and Order’s” coolest detective.
TNT tributes JesseHe’s only been gone a few weeks but I already miss Detective Ed Green (aka Jesse L. Martin) on “Law & Order.” Thank heavens for TNT! They’re running an 11-hour Ed Green marathon on May 18 with some of the character’s most memorable moments including his first appearance, and a special crossover episode where he’s critically injured.
Here’s what you’ll see:

2 p.m.        “Tombstone” – Detective Green is critically injured while trying to transport a reluctant witness to a trial about the murder of a prestigious lawyer. 

3 p.m.        “Law & Order: Trial By Jury” – “Skeleton” – This special crossover episode covers the investigation and trial of the person who shot Detective Green. 

4 p.m.        “Gunshow” – After the case of a mass murder in Central Park is settled, the DA goes after the gun manufacturer. This marks Green’s first appearance on the series and the revelation that the character has endured two prior complaints of excessive force.

5 p.m.        “Prejudice” – The murder of a black publisher by a racist turns into a difficult trial when the defense claims racism is a mental defect.

6 p.m.        “Foul Play” – Corruption, deceit and immigration fraud within a baseball league for youth come to light when a private investigator is killed.

7 p.m.        “Suicide Box” – Deep racial tensions arise after the re-opening of an old case involving the brother of an African-American teenager accused of killing a police officer.

8 p.m.        “In Vino Veritas” – A washed-up, anti-Semitic actor is accused of murdering a television producer after he is arrested with blood on his clothes.

9 p.m.        “Gunplay” – A bitter defense attorney may be at the middle of a case in which two undercover police officers are killed during a sting operation against black market gun dealers. Det. Green must now put his own life on the line by going undercover to weed out the killers.

10 p.m.      “Caviar Emptor” – A caviar salesman from Persia is found murdered in his bed, and immediate suspicion lands on his children and new young wife.

11 p.m.      “White Lie” – The murder of a drug dealer leads detectives to the door of a military officer’s wife who may be involved in a Colombian smuggling ring.

Midnight “Stiff” – After a woman dies of a prescription drug overdose, detectives uncover some disturbing sexual secrets in which she and her husband engaged.

Now that’s a lot of Green!


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