A SheKnows Sex and the City secret

“Sex and the City: The Movie” doesn’t arrive in theaters until May 30. SheKnows has seen the film and is letting our readers in on a little secret.

There will be four “Sex and the City: The Movie” secrets, actually!

As SheKnows rolls out its “Sex and the City” movie countdown, day two of our journey to the end of the month’s release brings an inside scoop from someone who has seen the summer’s most anticipated film.

Sex secret one

One of our fab four gets herself a dog. Not a big deal, right? Well, yes, it kind of is…not too many pets along the years in “Sex and the City.”

But, knowing these characters as we do, what does it mean that the character’s dog is named ‘Baby?’

Perhaps someone’s wishing? Who?

Honestly, the dog, for this character, is so perfectly adorable it is beyond cute.

Until the next “Sex” Secret….

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