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Dancing With the Stars: top four recap

It’s a fight to the finish with only five points between all the dancers on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Len spoofs BondIt was the last performance before the “Dancing with the Stars” finale and who would have thought we’d be looking at these four.  Kristi and Jason were expected but how many times were Cristian and Marissa at the bottom of the pack? I’m sure most people expected Mario to still be in it at this stage of the game and maybe even Shannon but it is what it is.

Last night the stars had to dance two dances chosen at random, all dances they had done before. Good choices for some, a chance to show improvement but for others, not so much.

Kristi and Mark pulled the Tango and the Jive. Serviceable enough and they got good marks but the Tango is not one of my favorites and their Jive didn’t have the spark of the one they did before. 

Cristian and Cheryl pulled The Viennese Waltz and the Samba (the dance he was hurt on a couple of weeks ago.)  I thought the Waltz was just lovely but Cristian looked a bit frightened of the Samba and I don’t think he was as into it as he could have been. Still, it was enough to give them second place (and my vote!)

Jason and Edyta ended up in third with a Foxtrot that was playful and more animated than usual and a Paso Doble that did nothing for me.

And in last place, but not by much, Marissa and Tony with a Quickstep and a Rumba. The Quickstep was a joy to watch but even I saw her miss that one step. The Rumba, well, it’s slow and sensual and though she really put it all out there in the sexy department, the dance itself didn’t turn me on.

I hate to say it, but if we’re really going with who is the best dancer, Marissa needs to go home tonight leaving Jason, Kristi and Cristian to battle it out. At this stage of the game, with the scores this close, anyone could be going home if they didn’t get the viewer votes. 

Photo courtesy of ABC.


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