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Survivor Micronesia review and preview

James, you can proudly step aside and turn over your reign to Erik who made without a doubt the most ignorant, unimaginable decision in Survivor history.

Heading towards a thrilling finalNot only was he the only male left in the game but he put his trust in four strategic-playing women who have devoured every man in the game since the merge. They blindsided everyone on the jury and yet he failed to realize that “He might be next”. But I have to say that it was very entertaining. Erik looked like a lost lamb being led to the slaughter, or should I say a fly led to the web of the sweet scent of a venous vixen. I could only imagine his expression last night at home while he sat with friends watching him get humiliated. I do give credit to the editing department (which I don’t do often). They captured the essence of last’s night’s show by showing that sex, a sharp tongue and sympathy can go along way. Just like Cirie said, “My momma always told me, if you don’t have this (pointing at her muscle), beat’em with this (pointing at her brain).” Cirie, you are so right.

To last week’s show

After arriving back from Tribal Council, Amanda explained to Cirie that she honestly did not find the Hidden Immunity Idol until they came back to camp. Regardless of the situation, Amanda still felt comfortable with Cirie.

The next morning, Natalie and Erik discussed who they would target next in the game. They both agreed that Amanda was the biggest threat and that she should be the next to go. Then Natalie and Erik decided to share in any rewards won and send each other to Exile Island.

Contemplating their next plan of action, Cirie, Amanda and Parvati realized that Erik and Natalie could not win the next challenge or be sent to Exile Island. They agreed to have Amanda tell Erik that she forgave him. She quickly tracks down Erik and began to work her widow magic. Erik takes the bait like all the others and promises her that if he won the reward he would take her and send Parvati to Exile Island (opposite of what he promised Natalie).

Reward Challenge

At the Reward Challenge the tribe mates had to answer a series of questions regarding past seasons of Survivor. In the end, Erik was victorious. Thinking Erik would hold true to his promise, Natalie was immediately disappointed when he chose Amanda to go on the reward and sent Parvati to Exile Island. Not only were they treated to a helicopter ride around the islands, but also a nice spa treatment, food and fresh beds. Nothing could be finer.

Back at camp, Cirie could tell that Natalie was upset over Erik’s decision, so she decided to pour more salt into Natalie’s wound by egging her on and irritating her more. How funny was that?

At Exile Island, Parvati enjoyed her own private spa by lying out on the beach. I don’t even think that she looked for the Hidden Immunity Idol. What a character. Just like a Black widow…let everyone else do all the work while reaping the benefits.

Arriving back at camp after their spa treatment, it was obvious that Natalie was still upset because the tension was intense as she failed to even look or talk to him.

Finding some quiet time to talk, Erik and Cirie conversated over Erik’s plan of action. They both agree that either Amanda or Natalie need to go next. This was a perfect opportunity for Cirie to show her “sympathetic” side to Erik and once again, he took the bait. Unbeknownst to them, Natalie had walked up behind the campsite and heard their entire conversation.

Later, Natalie, Amanda and Cirie discussed what Natalie heard between Erik and Cirie and of course, Cirie validated what she said (a great way to remain safe). Realizing the girls were talking to each other, Erik knew that only chance to remain in the game was to win Immunity.

Immunity Challenge

At the Immunity Challenge, it was no competition as Erik convincingly beat the girls out to win Immunity. The girls were stunned as they knew it was time to vote one of their group out.

Back at camp, Parvati, Cirie, Amanda and Natalie tossed around ways to change the game. Suddenly Cirie came up with a long shot to have Natalie convince Erik to give her his Immunity necklace and she and Cirie would vote with him to take out Amanda. But to thicken the plot, Amanda and Parvati would argue back and forth with Erik which would solidify the fact that Amanda should be voted out. WHAT A CRAZY PLAN!!!

Initially Erik was dead set against it, but Natalie continued to force the issue. Then Erik approached Cirie and said that the only way she would vote with him is if he gave up the necklace. That was the only way she would know he was sticking with the plan.

Tribal Council

At Tribal Council, Erik, trying to show good face to the jury and the remaining tribe mates handed Natalie his Immunity Necklace. The jury and Jeff Probst were stunned. The widow-ettes sat their calmly. When Erik left to go vote, the ladies busted out in hilarious laughter. Parvati even kissed Natalie on the forehead for doing a great job in convincing Erik to give up his Immunity necklace.

As the votes were read, Erik couldn’t do anything but hang his head in shame as all four girls voted him out!!! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.


All I can say is “Don’t mess with a bunch of Chicks…they will take you out.” Great job girls. Erik deserved everything he got on the show. How embarrassing was that.

Check out the Finale this Sunday night. I’m sure we won’t be disappointed. If Cirie wins Immunity, Natalie will go home, If Natalie wins, Cirie will go. If anyone else wins, Natalie will be leaving the game.

Until Sunday night and the Finale…Peace.

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