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The Sex and the City film review

Strap on your Manolos, girlfriend. Grab that Gucci and order another Cosmo, our fabulous friends are back and they’re better than ever. “Sex and the City: The Movie” is going to be big — really big. you didn't know there was a wedding!

Super-sized Sex

Once the familiar theme song of “Sex and the City” began with a catchy new twist played across the silver screen during a private press screening in midtown Manhattan, I couldn’t help but
wonder: is this movie going to rock? Will it live up to the hype or will it fall flat?Will it be refreshingly nostalgic in a Hell’s Kitchen flea market-retro kind of way or will it be Meatpacking District wannabe trendy cool?

The proof is in the plot — lots of plots, actually.

From the very start this movie is irresistible just like the show. Let’s start with the characters, shall we? They’re like our friends. We’re part of them and, in turn,
they’re part of us. (Are you a Carrie? Me, too. Although, I also morph into workaholic Miranda!)

As the film unfolds and Carrie Bradshaw, our iconic heroine, re-introduces us to her ladies, hardcore “Sex and the City” fans will immediately recall the formula: the narration, the witty humor and
the crisp dialogue. Like catching up with a friend you hadn’t seen in a while you can’t wait to dish — this reunion is worth its weight in gold.

What better way to be immersed in a film than to already know the characters inside and out from their Chanel suits right down to their Jimmy Choo’s?

As for newbies, you’ll get to know the gals in a few minutes and will want to get your hands on DVD’s from all six seasons. You have to see blasts from the past like Charlotte’s
first husband Trey and Samantha’s many men…let’s not forget about Aidan-what’s-his-name!'re back!

Remaining current

“Sex and the City: the Movie” has its stories begin in real time as in 2008, not 2004. Just as the audience’s personal journeys have evolved since the show went off the air four years
ago, so too have the characters.Even little things like seeing Carrie’s pink cell phone or getting a glimpse of her pal Stanford Blatch are refreshing. The 411: Carrie lives with Big (aka. John), Miranda, Steve and her son
live in Brooklyn, Charlotte and Harry have adopted a girl from China, and Samantha, well…she went California and jets to and from the sunny state back to New York.

And a new character is introduced to connect with younger viewers – Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson portrays Carrie’s assistant.

The movie takes their journey to another level as opposed to the television program that centered around four Manhattanites in their quest for love.

Since they’ve already found love, the question immediately arises: What do they do with it?

More importantly, what’s their happily ever after?

How do they define it or are they letting society define it for them?

Remember the episode, “A Woman’s Right to Shoes” in season six?

Carrie pointed out that society doesn’t celebrate a singleton’s choices as she doled out thousands of dollars for her friends’ engagement parties, bridal showers, weddings and
baby showers.

As for her solution?

She created a shoe registry for herself at Manolo Blahnik.

Filmmaker Michael Patrick King exhibits his best work to date as society pulls a strong tide in the film as well. Storylines intertwine with society’s pressures and life’s ups and
downs. You’ll find your tears evolving into laughter, then streaming back into tears on the emotional roller coaster that is this film.

This is worth celebrating!Trust me
on this one: it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. While I won’t reveal anything more about the actual plot, traditional elements we love about SATC are intact and they’re larger than life
and sharper than ever.

Couture, anyone?

With over 300 costumes this flick is eye candy for the fashionista’s soul, not to mention the stilettos.Superb lighting and a fresh musical score add elements to the cinema experience. Let us talk about décor!

In “Sex and the City: The Movie,” interior decorating will do what costume designer Patricia Field did to fashion: it pops on-screen and will inspire your own personal make-over. Instantly you’ll want to redecorate
in a sleek minimalist SATC-kind of way.

Lastly, just as Type A Miranda wants to know if a hotel has WiFi and Carrie still doesn’t know how to text message, the film reminded us why we love “Sex and the City” in the first place.

It’s real. It’s relevant. It’s entertaining. And like everything fantastic in life, it will leave you wanting more.

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