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Twilight trailer is finally here

“Twilight” is much more than a novel. Stephenie Meyer’s brilliant book about a teenage vampire and his human lady love has become a phenomenon.

Keep your cool kids, the legend has arrived!Now the trailer from the film that millions are anticipating with heartbeats racing has arrived and SheKnows has it!

Stephenie Meyer’s first foray into film also has its one-sheet poster debut late Friday (pictured at right).

Let the discussion begin about this cultural craziness that is “Twilight” and the upcoming movie this December.

After the book’s two super-successful sequels — “New Moon” and “Eclipse” — the sensation of “Twilight” was too hard for Hollywood to resist.

A script was written, unknown actors were cast and the buzz began. A legion of fans began an Internet-wide discussion about the film as each rumor and piece of information was dissected.

Fans produced their own trailers, witness YouTube, search for “Twilight” trailers and you’ll see the point.

These fans are feverish and rightfully so, Meyer’s prose is compelling, lightning-fast and chilling.

Not since Harry Potter waved his wand has the teen fiction genre had a following as passionate. And, mirroring Harry Potter, “Twilight,” is geared towards teens but is so fantastically written, it is compelling to readers regardless of age.

Stephenie Meyer’s “The Host” arrived in bookstores last week.

Visit SheKnows May 23 to read our interview with the “Twilight” author herself, Stephenie Meyer. She discusses her new adult-geared literary work, “The Host,” and the anticipation and fervor she has captured with a tale of love through extraordinary circumstances in “Twilight.”

Dim the lights and grab the kids, the “Twilight” trailer is here!

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