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Dancing with the Stars Results Show recap

It is another unexpected cut as Mario heads home on “Dancing with the Stars.”

Mario kisses the show goodbyeHow many times can I begin a “Dancing with the Stars” recap with the word ‘shocker?’ Because I’m about to do it again. It was another unexpected elimination on the series’ 100th episode. But first, let’s talk about the party.

With a special hand-picked audience (2 fans from every state) and a box filled with former contestants, “Dancing with the Stars” put on quite a show for this landmark episode. It all began at 8:00 with a countdown of the top 10 dances ever performed and they were hot, hot, hot. Some of my favorites were included such as Helio Castroneves’ quickstep (which I would have put at number one instead of five), Joey Fatone’s rockin’ jive and Mel B’s sexy paso doble. Mario Lopez’s tango took top honors — a great dance but I think it landed a little too high on the list.  

Speaking of Mario, he and the cast of “A Chorus Line” stopped by for a dance number that underwhelmed me. Sad when a Broadway musical cast doesn’t leave me smiling. I was smiling when Rascal Flatt’s performed both of their numbers with the help of Apolo and Julianne and Mel and Maks. I also loved the opening dance number performed by the full cast of pros. Did you see the leap one of the dancers did flying from partner to partner off the stage?  Yikes! I thought we were in for another visit from the medics.

There was plenty of fun and merriment and the screams of joy rose up to ear-shattering levels when Marissa Jaret Winokur was told she was safe and in the finals. Now, I love Marissa but do I think she deserved a spot in the finals? Not really. Kristi Yamaguchi made it to the finals, no surprise there and my favorite Cristian de la Fuente was in there, too. That left Mario and Jason and even though Jason tanked last week, he was saved and Mario was sent home.

Now it’s a fight to the finish? Can Kristi regain her former glory and take the title, or will underdogs Cristian and Marissa rise up and grab hold of that mirror ball trophy? There are only two weeks left and then it’s all over except the crying.

Watch “Dancing with the Stars” Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.

 Photo courtesy of ABC.

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