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Survivor: the week in review

All I can say about last night’s episode of Survivor is WOW”¦What a way to play the game. I give Amanda major brownie points for “Playing the Fans” (and Cirie) to save herself (Don’t forget”¦Amanda Bites Back). Convincingly playing as if she did not have the Hidden Immunity Idol and pulling it out at the last minute, was poetry in motion. Again I say”¦what a way to play the game.

She's playing the game wellAll I can say about last night’s episode of “Survivor” is WOW…What a way to play the game. I give Amanda major brownie points for “Playing the Fans” (and Cirie) to save herself (Don’t forget…Amanda Bites Back). Convincingly playing as if she did not have the Hidden Immunity Idol and pulling it out at the last minute, was poetry in motion. Again I say…what a way to play the game.

Missed opportunity

I was just shocked that the Fans didn’t stick with the strategy used to oust the last few people in the game…which was to always have a back-up plan in place. They were idiots! They should have had a hypothetical plan to at least force Amanda to play the idol then vote out her closest ally (Parvati). They could have easily told Amanda she was going home, just thinking that maybe she had found the HII, and they all vote for Parvati. Amanda would have played the HII and Parvati would have gone home. Too bad, so sad for Parvati, but the idol would have been gone and the alliance between Parvati and Amanda severed for good. Then the Fans would have been in the drivers’ seat.

But no…they maintained their honesty to Amanda, believed her whole-hearted, sent her to Exile Island, told her she was being voted out and didn’t expect her to save herself. What idiots!!

To last night’s episode…

After Tribal Council where Jason was voted out, the medical team looked at James’ finger again to assess the injury. Because the wound had become infected, James was very concerned (as was the medical team). The medical team decided to check him again in the morning and make a decision at that time.

The next morning, Alexis limped back to camp and informed the team that during the night she tripped and fell injuring her knee. With two people injured, Cirie (the nurse) wondered about their condition and their chances in the game. She stated, “Alexis takes a tumble in the dark; James, he has his finger infected. I know this is bad because I am a nurse, but that’s two less people I have to fight against for a million dollars.”
Arriving at the Reward Challenge, the team was tasked to answer a series of questions about each other in private. After the responses were tallied, the tribe mates would guess whose name came up the most. If they were correct, they could chop one tribe member’s rope. Once all three ropes were chopped, the weight would release a mallet crushing the likeness of the tribe mate. But before the challenge could begin, the tribe mates received visits from their loved ones. The winner of the challenge would take their family members and two other tribe mates to swim with jelly fish.
In the end, Alexis won the challenge and chose Natalie (and her mother) and Cirie (and her husband) to share in her victory. Alexis sent Amanda to Exile Island.

A medivac moment

Before heading back to camp, James was checked by the medical team. Praying that he’d be able to stay in the game, James knew things didn’t look good. The diagnosis was that the infection had gotten worse and needed immediate attention. Informing James that the infection was too big of a risk to stay, James made the decision to leave the game. James said, “I’d much rather have been voted out but I’m definitely ready to go get this thing fixed.” Devastated over the news Parvati and Erik said their goodbyes to James and headed back to camp.

Enjoying their reward, Cirie, Alexis, Natalie and their family members were amazed by the number of jellyfish they saw and thrilled to spent quality time with their loved ones.
Arriving to Exile Island, Amanda immediately began reading clues to the Hidden Immunity Idol (HII). She said, “My only priority while I’m here is getting the Idol.” Going from one clue to the other, it was a daunting task. Digging her life away in what she hoped would lead her to the HII; Amanda prayed she wasn’t wasting her time. 
Returning back to camp Cirie, Natalie and Alexis meet Parvati and discovered that James was no longer in the game. Always thinking ahead, Cirie later said, “We absolutely have to beat Erik at the next Immunity Challenge.”
The next morning, Alexis began having serious problems bending her leg. Parvati (always playing the game) offered to vote Alexis out so she could receive proper medical care, but Alexis said, “No Way.” Talking to Parvati about their strategy, Natalie mentioned that the next possible person to leave would be Amanda. However, Parvati (being very close to Amanda) said she just couldn’t write her name down. 
At the Immunity Challenge the tribe mates had to use a high-powered rifle to hit individually-colored sake bottles. The first tribe mate to hit all 3 of their colored bottles would be granted Immunity. The challenge started off close with Natalie, Parvati and Erik hitting their first bottle. As the ladies got cold and hit nothing, Erik stayed hot hitting another bottle. Finally Natalie hit another bottle to tie it two-two. On his last shot, Erik shattered his last bottle to take Immunity. The ladies stood there dumbfounded realizing they would have to vote out one of their own.
Arriving back at camp, Amanda immediately dumped out her sack and told the team that she did not find the HII. Later, Amanda met with Parvati and informed her that the last clue stated that the Idol was at their camp and that she would need her help to distract the team while she searched for it. Since Alexis was dead set on getting rid of Amanda, Amanda chose to target her.
Talking with Cirie, Amanda asked her what her plans were. Cirie stated that because of the situation and the numbers, it would be best for her to side with Alexis, Erik and Natalie. Next Amanda went to Erik for his help stating, “When you needed my help, I helped you out.” But Erik stayed true to the Fans alliance and Cirie. 
With Parvati hanging out with the rest of the tribe mates near the campfire, Amanda began digging for the HII.
Tribal Council
As the jury members arrived the tribe mates noticed James hooked up to an IV in tow. Earlier in the day he had surgery on his finger, but was fine enough to attend Tribal Council.
At TC, Amanda knew she was being targeted and accused Erik of his loyalty. Just before the votes were to be read, Amanda stood up and handed Jeff the HII. She stated, “I told you the truth that I didn’t have the HII at that time.” Shocked that their plan backfired, Jeff read the votes. All the votes (four in total) for Amanda were tossed out leaving Alexis with two votes. She was the next victim voted out of Survivor: Micronesia and the fourth jury member. The dangerous web and venom of Parvati and Amanda continued to victimize the tribe mates. Laughing hysterically, Ozzy, James and Eliza couldn’t keep their composure as Alexis took her walk of shame and Amanda gleamed from ear to ear.
Once again I say WOW. A great episode. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Boy did the Fans have the perfect opportunity to dominate this game. If they would have come up with an alternative plan to vote out Parvati, it would have been three fans to two favorites, but they just couldn’t see beyond the forest.
Keep your head up Alexis. I don’t think anyone will remember you anyway. 
Until next week.

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