Diablo Cody’s insightful interview with John Cusack

John Cusack reveals quite a bit in his latest interview. The “War, Inc.” star participated in a MySpace Artist on Artist series recently and his partner in crime is SheKnows’ favorite screenwriter, Diablo Cody.

She charms John CusackMySpace’s Artist on Artist series allows fans the opportunity to witness the creative forces behind film, music and television as they comfortably chat with someone from their world of entertainment instead of journalists.

“Juno” screenwriter Diablo Cody is incredible in role of interviewer as much as she is interviewee.

The greatest aspect of this MySpace video is to see how the tables can turn quickly in an interview when both participations are used to the microphone solely being pointed at them.

John Cusack tells the screenwriter the phrase that is continually screamed at him: “two dollars!”

Cusack also gets Cody to open up about her upcoming film and provide details no one else has obtained.

Cusack and Cody share insightful, earnest and often times funny moments throughout.

“War, Inc.” also stars Hilary Duff and Cusack’s sister Joan and opens nation-wide May 23.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Diablo as interviewer…click here.