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Man convicted of stalking Uma Thurman

An out-of-work lifeguard and pool cleaner has been convicted of stalking and harassing Uma Thurman.

Uma's stalker is found guilty!Jack Jordan, 37, had been involuntarily remanded to a mental institution in 2005 due to his obsession with the actress. He was later released, and started showing up at Thurman’s apartment repeatedly last year.Uma testified for three hours on Thursday, and talked about Jordan’s creepy behavior. She described a card the man left at her movie trailer while she was filming in lower Manhattan, which showed a drawing of an open grave and headstone and a man standing over it on a razor blade. The drawing, on a Catholic confirmation card, read, “My hands should be on your body at all times.””I was completely freaked out,” said Thurman. “It was almost like a nightmare; it was scary.””I felt I was walking on the razor’s edge,” Jordan said, explaining the drawing. “I felt that it reflected this relationship that I unfortunately imagined that we had… This cartoon was meant to amuse her, to endear me to her.”Jordan also said in other communications to the actress that Thurman’s two children with ex-husband Ethan Hawke did not exist and were “an illusion.”Jordan testified in his own defense, saying he now understands how his actions were concerning to Thurman, although he claims he did not mean them to be.”In a misguided way I was trying to give her an opportunity to meet me and give myself an opportunity to meet her,” he testified.
“I was feeling distressed. I had this feeling of longing for Ms. Thurman and I was trying to explain it. I was not trying to scare her in any way.”Jordan had also told Thurman and her family he would kill himself if he couldn’t meet her. He explained it “was a clumsy and poor way of expressing my emotions for her. I wasn’t feeling suicidal, but I was expressing a depth of feeling that was very distressing.”Jordan faces a year in jail and has been remanded for a psychiatric exam before his next court date on June 2.

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