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ION unveils new its favorite shows

The cable network ION, formally known as family-friendly PAX, invited the world to a library to unveil its new season.

James Spader will continue to thrive on IONThe “Upfronts” in New York have traditionally been events akin to the circus coming to town, as each of the networks presented their new slate of programming to advertisers in hopes of a commercial buy. Some work, and of course, many don’t.

This year though, with the studios still feeling the pinch from the strike, the Upfronts have been toned down. Where once previews were delivered in plush hotels, now the corner public library serves as the locale.

Maybe that’s why ION held theirs at the New York Public Library. Not that libraries and TV don’t go together but. . .

ION, which used to be PAX, launched their new season with the motto “Positively Entertaining.” They will be offering a slate of 12 original movies throughout the year, but mostly their primetime schedule will be filled with some great syndicated TV. On tap for 2008 / 2009 is the Emmy-winning “Boston Legal,” “ER,” “The Dead Zone,” “Ghost Whisperer” and “Criminal Minds.”

All shows worth watching a second time around.

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