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May sweeps getting TV audiences deliciously “Lost

Jeffrey Dean Morgan returns to “Supernatural” — sort of — “Lost” gets more lost and “Grey’s Anatomy” will thrill its fans.

Matthew Fox's doctor is the one in need of aidIt’s another big Thursday night with ABC’s “Lost,” “Grey’s” “Smallville” and “Survivor.”

Aren’t you glad the writer’s strike is over? With all the new programing and lots of surprises for May Sweeps (the time of year when the shows pull out the big guns in order to generate advertising revenue for next year) and the viewers are always the winners. Especially this year with those networks hurting after the strike urging audiences to return to the small screen.

Tonight on TV

ABC is all new with “Ugly Betty,” Addison returns on Patrick Dempsey is everywhere’s “Grey’s Anatomy,” and Jack’s in trouble on “Lost.”

The CW comes on strong with a “Smallville” that shows what life would be like without Clark and Jeffrey Dean Morgan has a role to play in tonight’s angst-filled “Supernatural.”

CBS is coming down to the wire on “Survivor.” That’s followed by green-blooded victims on “CSI” and a new “Without a Trace.”

NBC is mostly for laughs with “My Name is Earl,” “30 Rock,” “The Office,” “Scrubs,” and “ER.”

Fox will likely lose some ground with “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader,” and a celebrity version of “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” featuring “Rock of Love’s” Bret Michaels.

Over on cable

If that’s not enough for you, there’s “Step It Up and Dance” on Bravo at 10:00. Three new episodes of their design shows on HGTV and a new “Rock the Cradle” on MTV.

{healdine}News and notable
— Damon Wayans has a deal with ABC to star in and produce “Never Better,” about a recovering alcoholic trying to be a good husband and father.

— ION has picked up syndication rights to seasons 11 -14 of “ER.” The show will air in primetime starting in June.

— TVLand moves further into the reality arena with their new “untitled cougar project,” where strapping young men will compete for the affections of a more “mature” woman.

— Hector Elizondo will join the cast of “Monk” in the new season. I guess that means “Cane” is gone for good.  Shame.  I liked that one. 

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